Parish Groups

St Bede's Parish Council is a consultative advisory group of parishioners representing different parts of the parish. They advise and inform the Parish Priest and Clergy of what's happening in their part of the parish. Besides the Clergy, the members are: Maria Chan Chang (Latin Mass Community), Catalina Snowdon (Latin American Community), Susanna Nwaiwu (African & Caribbean Community), John Reddin (Choir), Phyllis Cort (Sacramental Programmes), Maggie Keane (UCM & St Bernadette's School), Marcia Marshall (Safeguarding Representative) and Dr Ann Holder.  

The Union of Catholic Mothers is a vibrant group of women who are committed to parish life, founded at St Bede's in 1957. They meet at Thursday evening Mass, 8pm, followed by their weekly meeting. Every year they are the prime movers behind the parish bazaar, which is held just before Advent Sunday, and which raises over £10,000 in two days. They have a lot of fun going on pilgrimages, shopping trips and days out.

St Bede's Parish Choir, led by Juan Garcia, meets every Tuesday night, and sings at the 9.30 family Mass on Sundays. Every Easter and Christmas they endeavour to sing a polyphonic Mass.

St Bede's Traditional Choir, led by Anthony Ozimic, accompanied by Juan Garcia, is comprised of a bevy of teenage girls and young men who are accomplished cantors in the ancient Gregorian chant. They sing on three out of four Sundays at the Latin High Mass at 11am.

Special Sunday - Every Month there is a professional polyphonic choir, Cantores Missæ, led by Charles Finch, which lead the congregation in the worship of God using the great masterpieces of Western Renaissance music.

The Parish Bazaar Committee is led by Harman Ross. The Bazaar is held every year on the last Friday / Saturday of November (preceding the first Advent Sunday).

African - Caribbean Society of St Bede's meet every second Sunday in the parish club, after the 9.30 Mass. Founded by Thaddeus Emenonyou in 1995. They have an annual Thanksgiving Mass in October.  

St Bede's Latin American Fraternity: In the 1990's, due to large immigration from Columbia and Ecuador, Monsignor Leo White began the Mass in Spanish on Saturday evenings. 

St Bede's Social Club was founded largely by Fr Ronald Salmon, who was at St Bede's from 1968 to 1981. He completely reconstructed the old servant's quarters and kitchen of Hyde House (the presbytery) and made it into an active social club. These clubs are not what they were 25 years ago, but here we serve our parishioners every Friday evening after Scouts, and every Sunday morning after Mass.

St Bede's Youth Club is held on Sundays after the 6pm Mass in the club rooms.  It is open to all youth aged 10 and over and is run on a rota-basis with parents of the children who attend.  The main organiser is Chris Brew-Graves.

The Scout Movement was founded by Con Joyce in the late 1950's at St Bede's and for the last twenty years has been run by Michael Cronin. It now run by Marco Lecca.

St Bede's Altar Servers (Archconfraternity of St Stephen
For a century St Bede's Altar Servers have been assisting the priests in the liturgy of the Church, and many have gone on to the sacred priesthood, including the late Archbishop Beck of Liverpool, Monsignor David Greenstock, former Rector of Valladolid, Fr Anthony Charlton of Tolworth, and Fr John Henry of Earlsfield. Our Master of Ceremonies is Mr. Stephen Davis. Our boys are very keen to play football against other altar servers' groups.